Commercial Applications

Retail - 3D Virtual Dressing Room

Ideal for showcasing Top Fashion Lines with Advertising Options in

  • Shopping Malls
  • Department Stores
  • Speciality Retail
  • Boutiques
  • Sports Shops
  • Special Events
  • Fashion Education

Retail - Advertising

Our Advertising Robot was designed to have multiple advertising options and be able to achieve a Fast ROI.

  • We have Banner display positions both at the top and bottom of the screen
  • Users can program various forms of media (video or stills) within the main area
  • Use the facial recognition program to determine which ads to play
  • Metrics are available on-line or can be emailed daily
  • The tablet allows for one-on-one interaction between an agent and a customer if requested
Ideal Commercial Uses include:
  • Retail & Shopping settings
  • Special Event Venues
  • Office / Warehouse Communications
  • Institutional / Educational Communication Uses
  • Security Roving Applications
  • Monitoring Points of Presence

Retails Advertising Robot

Retail - Customer Service

Provide guided Solus access to customers in store, helping improve the customer experience at a lower cost. Use the Android device to explain product options, stream product video, specials or even to greet customers at the door.
Great tool for management to speak directly to floor staff from head office, or view the stores remotely.

Robot Retail Customer Service


Use as a Mobile Tele-presence device to communicate Solus to people allowing Security Guards to cover greater areas, at multiple times.
Ideal for emergency services looking for a low cost, easy set-up of a mobile device for field work or for edcuational PR.

Robot security


Use in large warehouses or manufacturing facilities to check inventory or speak to staff when management is off-site. Can see and communicate directly from your personal communication device!

Robot warehouse


Visit and tour trade shows virtually in Robot Form ! They see you and you can see them. Use the Robots to gather attention at marketing and PR events.

Robot marketing tradeshow

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