3D Solus Virtual Dressing Room Rent or Buy

Let’s you try on clothing virtually in front of a large LED screen.

Checkout 3D Virtual Dressing Room Video!

  • Try on multiple clothing fashions in seconds
  • Views from Front, Back and Side
  • Select clothing by brand and type
  • Add an accessory
  • Increase and decrease the clothing size to fit your body
  • Raise or Lower the clothing to match your height
  • Send photos of the clothing via social media
  • Speakers to provide instructions
  • Easy to add new clothing; on-line
  • System tracks popular items and provides reporting
  • Unit acts as an Advertising Display when not being used
  • Full Screen Display Ads plus
  • Top and Bottom Banners

Solus Advertising Robot Rent or Buy

Perfectly suited for Advertising with a great ROI.

  • Facial Recognition; that IDs the age and sex of viewers. Then plays the appropriate advertisement and tracks the results
  • Top and Bottom Banner positions available
  • Ability to play video or still images; from a built in library or via the web Or Implement a touch screen and play your own software
  • Autonomous and Semi-Autonomous Modes
  • Our mapping program allows users to create routes for the robot to follow on their own Or Users can control the robot remotely via the web
  • Tele-presence ability using the facial tablet; You can select animation or live mode Use the Robot to visit from anywhere in the world

Solus Android Rent Only

A fully functional 5 Foot Robot (180 cm) with arms that move! Via an android device you can control Solus Android, with a unique control interface for both lateral movement and arm movement. Ideally suited for the marketing and service industries, this robot represents the first generation of a practical Android assistant for everyday use.

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