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Driver Board

A Solus Robots Inc. Featured Product

BMS Battery Management System

A Solus Robots Inc. Featured Product

Driver Board Module Datasheet

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  • Compact form factor ( 5.31 in x 4.32 in )
  • Powered with Li-Ion Technology
  • Uses Arduino Mega Microcontroller (ATmega2560)
  • Can drive upto 6 motors using BTN-7960B half bridge Driver
  • Compatible with DC Brushed motors
  • Connect to external SPI Hall Effect Sensors
  • Overcurrent protection onboard/ reverse current protection

Input Voltage for Motor Drivers :
Dual Rail:
1. 24 V DC @ 16A Nominal
2. 12 V DC @ 8 A Nominal

Input Voltage for Microcontroller: 5V DC @ 1.08 A

Total Power Consumption: < 390W

Driver/Motor Connector
Number of Pins 6
Pitch 2.54 mm
Cable Assembly

Driver Board/Power Connector
Molex MegaFit 1720640002
Number of Pins 2
Pitch 5.7 mm
Cable Assembly 1716920102 (16 AWG MTW Wire)

Hall Sensor Connector
IDC 302-S101
Number of Pins 10
Pitch 2.54mm
Cable Assembly 101-106 (22 AWG Ribbon Cable)

AUX Connector
IDC AWHW-10G-0202-T
Number of Pins 10
Pitch 2.54mm
Cable Assembly 101-106 (22 AWG Ribbon Cable)

AUX Features (via Customization)

  • 2 I2C
  • 8 GPIO
  • 4 Hall Effect Sensor connections for MLX90316 Rotatory sensor
  • IMU connection

BMS Battery Management System

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  • Battery Monitor using Texas Instruments Analog Front End (bq76930) and Digital Back End (bq78350) Integrated Chips.
    1. AFE Monitoring Features
      • Provides Overcurrent in discharge (OCD)
      • Short circuit in discharge (SCD)
      • Overvoltage (OV)
      • Under voltage (UV)
      • Features Integrated Cell Balancing FETs
      • Alert interrupt to host microcontroller
      • High supply voltage abs max (108 Volts)
      • Simple I2C Interface

    2. DBE Monitoring Features
      • Includes an End-of-Discharge Voltage (CEDV) Gauging Algorithm
      • Supports efficient SMBus Host Communication
      • Supports Charge and Discharge Current Reporting up to 320 A
      • External NTC Thermistor Support from Companion AFE
      • Full Array of Programmable Features 1) Voltage 2)Current 3)Temperature 4) System Components
      • Supports Constant Current-Constant Voltage Charging Including Pre-Charge, Charge Inhibit, and Charge Suspend
      • Provides Optional Resistor programmable SMBus Slave Address for upto 8 different Bus Addresses
      • Provides SHA-1 Authentication

  • Allows cell balancing for upto 10 individual LiFePO4 supporting 320Ah.
  • Power Distribution Board that can supply separate rails for 5V ,12V, and 24V Regulated Power.
  • Regulation Outputs are able to be switched on/off using Arduino Nano Microcontroller.
  • Threshold limits for protection can be communicated to the digital back end via SMBus communication.
  • System components support Lifetime Data Logging..
  • Communication via : SMBus, I2C, Micro-USB.
  • Overboard protection: OV/UV Protection, Current limitation.
  • Supports user selected host communication (verify eligibility).

Power Supply

Input Power (Recommended)
  • Voltage: 24V -26.5V
  • Current: 45 A

Input Power (Limits)
  • Voltage: 22V-29.2V
  • Current: 80 A
Motor Driver Outputs
  • Nominal Voltage: 24V
  • Number of Outputs: 5
  • Recommended Output Power: 120W
  • Supports Mega Fit Connector from Molex

12V DC/DC Converter Outputs
  • Nominal Voltage: 12V
  • Current Maximum: 17A
  • Number of Outputs: 3
  • Recommended Applications: USB Hub, Kinect Sensor, TV powered from 12 Volts

5V DC/DC Converter Outputs
  • Nominal Voltage: 5V
  • Current Maximum: 3A
  • Number of Outputs: 2 USB Type A

The BMS Control Unit is able to power up and specifically control

  • Electrical Vehicle Power Applications
  • Power Utility Balancing Applications
  • Prototype Testing Applications
  • Remotely operated Vehicles (ROVs)

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