Circulation Center

Solutions and Features specific to your industry helping increase your profitability.

Sales Exporting
  • Create customized worksheets to download to your specialized subscription database
Use predictive dialing to increase contacts and maximize agent time:
  • 100% agents talking, no dialing!
Record Subscription sales to:
  • Improve agent quality
  • Confirm sales and premium orders
Inbound Centers
  • Increase the classified department's efficiency
  • Develop customer profiles and do not call lists
Advertising campaigns
  • Use Solus One to track clients and prospects
  • Establish call back time
Pay for only Time used
  • Circulation Centers typically only complete outbound calling for 8 months of the year and during evenings
  • Staff turnover can be unpredictable and high
  • Pay a pro-rated fee for time used and seats used versus full price
  • Seasonal and part-time rates are available